Expedition unlocks when adventurer cleared Stage 1-7! However, each region unlocks depends on your Stage Region Progression!

A. Where To Locate Expedition? Edit

Step 1: Tap on "Challenge" Button

Step 2: Tap on "Expedition"

Step 3: Choose the expedition you want to send your adventurer/companions

B. Expedition Regions Edit

Region Recommended Level Duration EXP Gold
Deaf Hills One moonless night, the peaceful forest of Deaf Hills is blanketed in Pitch darkness.
10 4 Hours 3,360 200
Gardius Desert Once part of a prosperous Magic Empire, this area was turned

into desert during the war of the Angels & Red Devils.

30 5 Hours 8,400 400
Black Abyss The wails of the Dead echo throughout this gorge.

A sad aftermath of a Great War

45 6 Hours 16,200 400
Winga Summit At the great peaks of the summit lies a sanctuary protected by the descendants

of the Ancient Beastians!

60 7 Hours 50,400 500
Ereutis Temple   An ancient temple that sank into the depths of the ocean.

Some say that a long-forgotten mystic hibernates within.

80 8 Hours 104,492 500
Tombs of Mercenary   Mercenary's last haven where they die after a long wandering.

It is known that the legendary Mercenary King died here too.

85 9 Hours 313,063 500
Nadaq Plains   A plain that consists mainly of marsh. Filled with monsters.
95 10 Hours 470,934 600
Litrin Islands   A natural fortress occupied by pirates.Adventurers who come to this island

become either one of the pirates or dead and dumped in the sea.

105 11 Hours 649,754 600
Gorima Swamp   A sticky and damp marsh. Extra caution required for whatever comes out of the swamp.
110 12 Hours 1,183,731 600
Hodofu   A place to have a glance at the Underworld. If you can come back alive.
120 13 Hours 1,488,498 700
Fountains Highland   The rough terrain of the Highlands was once proving grounds for many Adventurers.

At the same time, this was where many of them met their maker.

125 14 Hours 5,140,800 700
Tatba Mine   Excessive mining has turned this mineshaft into a labyrinth.

The probability of survival is low if one is unfortunate enough to one's way.

130 15 Hours 6,674,319 700
Hemcros Plateau   A wide plateau filled with perilous dangers.

The blood-curdling howls of Wolves can be heard as the sun sets...

135 16 Hours 8,167,392 800
Dark Elf Palace Ruins   Take heed as night falls, for Dark Elves might be flanking your position.
145 17 Hours 11,877,676 800
Brunenstig Sewer   Perfect for anyone who favors dark, damp and dangerous places.

If one is lucky, one might just discover a map leading to untold fortunes

hidden away throughout the generations.

150 18 Hours 14,268,458 800

C. Expedition FAQ Edit

Question: Can we expand Expedition Slot?

  • Yes, you can expand Expedition Slot from 6 Slots to 10 Slots (100 Carrots per slot expansion)

Question: Are we still able to use Adventurer / Companion in other contents when they are in expedition?

  • Yes! Adventurer and Companions can be used in Stage, Daily Dungeon, Arena, Total War, etc even though they are in expedition